Organ Books – Masterclass with Roger Fisher
4 volumes £30.00 (including p&p)
Towards Keyboard Fluency (2010)
£8.00 (plus p&p)

Books may be obtained direct from Roger at:

The Old Chapel,
CH8 9BD.
Tel: 01745 561072

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Roger Fisher was Master of the Music and Organist at Chester Cathedral for many years and his many recordings and recitals have established him as one of the finest players in the world. He is also a world-renowned teacher and has spent a lifetime studying all aspects of musical technique and interpretation both as an organist and as a pianist. This extremely comprehensive publication is the distillation of a lifetime’s study and practical experience and, for less than the cost of a single organ lesson, provides a priceless insight into the nature of keyboard playing and its practical application to the organ.

The 164 pages are packed with copious musical examples, photographs and numerous practical exercises to overcome all the difficulties which plague organists and pianists the world over. There is scarcely a problem which Roger has not encountered at some time or another and this new publication offers practical solutions which actually work!

“Whether you are a beginner, a serious student or a virtuoso, an organist or a pianist, this publication will be the best investment you will ever make!”

(Adrian Self – Animus Publications)