Jubilate Deo – Music for Men’s Voices

The Lay Clerks of Chester Cathedral
(£11.50 inc p&p)
with Roger Fisher, Graham Eccles & Mark Duthie (Organ)

Antonio Vivaldi/J S Bach: Concerto in C major (BWV 595)
Benedetto Marcello: Thy mercy, Jehovah is in the heavens
Henry Purcell: Since God so tender a regard
attrib. J S Bach: Chorale Prelude: Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele
Alphonso Ferrabosco II: Fuerunt mihi lacrimae
Heinrich Schütz: Jubilate Deo in chordis
J S Bach: Fugue in G major “alla gigue”
Johann Matthaus Asola: Mass for Men’s Voices
Edward Elgar: Chanson de Nuit
Edward Elgar: Seek Him that maketh the seven stars (from Lux Christi)